Big Red’s Big Day

When Observations from a Third-Story Window was published, one of the early favorites was “The Ballad of Big Red”.  Starting in 2014, we will be releasing a series of 20 more stories featuring everyone’s favorite un-beauty queen with the colossal cinnamon coiffure, culminating in the paperback edition of Something Redneck This Way Comes.

Several of the stories are already in the capable hands of the editors, and soon, you can look forward to…

Big Red and the Wetsawannakah County PTA

Big Red and the Night of a Thousand Comps

Big Red Sails the Seven Seas

Big Red Behind the Bar

Big Red’s Big Mistake

These are stories that I truly enjoy writing – it’s like recess for the author.  In anticipation of the release of the new stories, if you haven’t already read The Ballad of Big Red, you can do so for just 99 cents at the following online retailers…

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